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“I accept I am an intelligent, competent, submissive feminist…
Who sometimes finds her power by choosing to let it go.”

On surface level, it’s difficult to understand how a woman can surrender to a man, while still remaining a feminist - especially in today’s social climate in which people are protesting in the streets to demand equality. Women are talking over men, belittling their voices, because they believe that a white man has nothing to say.

How can we, as submissive women, speak openly about our understanding that, actually, within relationships, two partners are not actually equal? There will always be an alpha energy between two intimate people - whether that energy remains locked up, clawing at the surface to be freed but continuously suppressed; or that energy is honored and released in a sexual environment, can make or break a relationship over the long term.

“If I submit… I do it from a place of strength.”

BDSM. A path to spiritual awakening. A method of profound healing. Deepened communication and enhanced, no strings attached honesty. Authenticity that drips from you lips. Which lips? I’ll let you decide.

The mission behind The Beast Goddess is to shift the stigmas within mainstream society, to create a space where the lifestyle practices of BDSM can be seen in a positive light.

“I want people to look at me and see me as the competent, capable, intelligent woman that I am...
Even when I’m on my knees.”

Here you’ll find the following:

• Uncensored #MorningCoffee - in high demand & long overdue, my famous #MorningCoffee you’ve come to love in my Instagram Stories will come uncensored, in the form of a newsletter. Like a mini digital newspaper, you’ll be able to join me as you enjoy your very own Morning Coffee from anywhere in the world.
• Tasteful Kink Boudoir - applying my soft and tasteful style of nude photography, I am booking photo shoots that celebrate kink in elegant light.
• Poetic Storytelling about my journey, and perhaps the journeys of others.
• Interviews highlighting Dominants, Submissives & Riggers with experience in combining spirituality and kink.
• Resources featuring the best of the best of the best. (wink)
• Projects to bring #MorningCoffee & Spiritual Kink off of a screen and into the real world.

If you’re interested in collaborating in any way, please don’t hesitate to email me. Everything about this is meant to be an open conversation - free from judgment, open-minded, and ever-evolving.

And, if you’ve enjoyed #MorningCoffee, I would love to hear about how it has touched you. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you’re the first to know when it’s ready to launch.

Besos, x