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book me as a photographer

Professionally, I'm a photographer.

rates: start at 5,000 SEK + VAT

book me as a model

As a side effect of my work, I've gone from behind the camera to in front of the camera.

rates: start at 3,500 SEK + VAT

book a shoot with Mr Stockholm & I

Due to popular demand Mr Stockholm & I are available to be filmed or photographed together. from tasteful nudes to adult film, we're open to working with other creatives who have a vision aligned with our own.

"Mr Stockholm." A generic term that gives nothing away, other than location and gender. If you've followed along with #MorningCoffee since last winter, you might recognize him. He's primal, but soft. Dominant, but romantic. Strong, but tender. It's in his guidance where I've found the strength to surrender.

You must have a high quality professional portfolio & be open to working with our creative direction & boundaries.

rates: variable & dependent on each project