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Choose Your Own Adventure: A Visualization

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You’re walking down a path – easy, familiar, safe. The woods feel like home; you know them.

The trees that are warm and welcoming, enveloping you in an embrace as fresh air fills your lungs, and birdsong dances overhead.

The sun filters through the branches, landing as golden kisses that warm your skin.

With each step, your foot feels grounded and stable, fully supported by the earth beneath you.

You are home. You are safe.

Suddenly, you look up to see that the path has led to a fork.

To one side, the trail continues as you know it. You see it carry on into the distance, far into the horizon. The terrain is the same. It feels familiar… even, predictable.

Continue down this path, and nothing much will come as a surprise.

Turning to the other side of the fork, you can see the terrain change. The land is rugged, and large boulders cause the path to rise and fall, twist and turn – all shrouded beneath a dark canopy.

The sun struggles to break through the thick leaves, and the path quickly bends away out of sight.

There is no horizon line to follow. Wherever the horizon, it’s miles, kilometres, chapters away.

The future here is unknown and the path is anything but familiar. Doused in mystery, unknown dangers my lie in wait – but so too may unimaginable surprises.

The fork is a choice.

Do you choose safety or do you choose to take a risk?

Once you have made your choice, do you find that your decision is rooted in courage, or in fear?

The choice is obvious when you tune into your heart, even if the heart does not abide by logic, reason, or calculations.

With the first step, your footing slips over unstable stones, but you catch yourself. You feel your heart beat heavily in your chest, and you remember what it feels like to be alive.

The path may be unknown, but it is a path that reminds you that you can catch yourself when you fall, and with every slip – you will build confidence in the trust you have with yourself.

And so, what will you choose?

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