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Sweat, blood, and tears are the chisel that has sculpted your beautiful body.
And that is worth celebrating.

Let’s Chat

meet 1-on-1 for modeling, photography, or life & relationship coaching.


I’m available to book as both as a model and a photographer,
with experience being tied & suspended for Shibari shoots for 4 years.

Currently based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Are you ready to bare it all on camera, celebrate your Goddess (or God) emanating from within, collaborate with Shibari, or bind me for your own photo shoot?

Let’s connect.

If you’re not ready to unravel your layers on film, I’m available to meet 1-on-1 for coffee.

We’ll talk up a storm about the power dynamics of BDSM, difference between sensual – erotic – and sexual, or whatever other taboo topics are weighing on your mind.

As a certified life coach, I am also available for bookings. Being active within the BDSM community, I have the experience to specialize in complex relationship dynamics. My favorite thing to do is create a safe space for people to be raw, honest, and vulnerable as a pathway to personal and relational growth.

An initial consultation is always free.

Feel free to get in touch via the form below, or if you hate contact forms as much as I do, send a note to –

Catch me if you can:

Stockholm, Sweden • Firenze, Italia • Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Hi, I’m Savannah!

Welcome to Beast Goddess Boudoir, based out of Bellingham, WA. 

I’m on a mission to normalize nudity, support clients in healing the relationship with their bodies, and as a result – building supportive self practices that ripple through the rest of their lives.

Here you’ll find a space of inspiration, photography, and life coaching services.


@primalrevolutions / @thebeastxgoddess

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