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Transformative Life Coaching infused with Sensual Embodiment

I work with courageous humans to tap into their highest potential, weaving together the primal masculine and divine feminine, and using Sensual Embodiment as a tool to alchemize shadows into light.

There is strength in vulnerability. 

But there are not many spaces in modern society where it feels safe to explore the contradictory power dynamics within our internal dialogue. Around topics of sensuality, nudity, and erotic art, we are met with judgment and labels.

That’s where I come in: creating a safe, non-judgmental space where messy vulnerability is used as a tool to alchemize shadows into light. No topic is off limits, and any feelings of shame are left at the door. 

This is a space for you to show up fully as your Self, with all filters and masks removed.

At the heart of my coaching method is a devoted practice of Sensual Embodiment

Ultimately, this is about building a loving, healthy relationship with yourself. Because when you show up as your best self, that will ripple across any relationship you enter in to. There are a multitude of layers where we work together to build a solid foundation: ranging from physical, mental, emotional, intuitive, and spiritual. 

It’s common for modern society to compartmentalize both pleasure and the human body as sexual elements. 

My mission behind my “tasteful kink boudoir” project has been to normalize nudity. People see my work and exclaim with surprise, “oh, it isn’t porn!”


The same applies to conversation around sensuality and pleasure. Both are labeled as sexual, and at the same time, both can be a pure experience with a raw unfolding of life as a somatic experience. 

Why should you work with me?

Because, quite simply, I’ve been there.

My journey into the world of BDSM coincided with leaving behind an abusive relationship. After that period, I devoted my personal development to reading about the intellectual, spiritual, and emotional layers beneath kink. I studied relationships, learning how to decipher red flags in dating and behavior. I rebuilt my identity and my entire life in a whole new country… during a pandemic. I studied communication, practiced authentic vulnerability, and sometimes found myself flat on my face in over-sharing. I learned how to build energetic boundaries with myself, so that I could maintain independence and avoid falling into co-dependence.

And before that… I spent a previous lifetime being bullied and struggling with self-harm and body dysmorphia. I learned how to naturally manage depression and anxiety with lifestyle practices, nutrition, and herbal supplements. Despite the beauty of the photos and the physique that I display, it has taken a lifetime to get here.

Today I can confidently say that I’ve built a living relationship with myself, infused with a variety of self-care practices that elevate my experience as a sensual human.

I’m using the lessons that I’ve learned to support people like you in building a healthy relationship with yourself, that will echo within every conscious relationship you enter in to.

And I think that’s beautiful. 

The 7 Pillars of Sophrosyne

☽  Sensual Embodiment

𓋪  Pleasure & Pain

☾  Power of Play

𓋪  Curious Creativity

☽  Conscious Connection

𓋪  Silence & Solitude

☾  An Anchor in Alchemy

As a transformative life coach that covers the full spectrum of the human experience, seeped in Sensual Embodiment, I support courageous humans with:

  creating lifestyle practices that balance the nervous system, supporting a consciously lived life above the busy static of modern society

𓋪  exploring the power dynamics of dominance and submission; the primal masculine and divine feminine

 alchemizing traumatic experiences around sex, health, and (sometimes abusive) relationships into something that feels light and empowering 

  removing the negative stigmas around sexuality, sensuality, power dynamics, dominance, submission, and nudity

𓋪  movement practices that connect you with your body and bring you into your body 

 building healthy & porous boundaries with your Self, your relationships, and the rest of the world

  creating a positive, loving relationship with yourself

𓋪  supporting you in removing co-dependence from relationships, so you can shine on your own two feet as a radiant individual 

 practicing communicating through a lens of transparency and vulnerability – without overexposing yourself – with your partners 

  igniting your energy and libido with nutrition and supplements 

𓋪  finding presence in the moment, and anchoring down into your body (working through fight/flight patterns)

 learning to recognize red flags in relationships, and what to do about it

  break unhealthy dating patterns 

𓋪  understanding spiritual, emotional, and intellectual layers of BDSM

𓋪☾  and more… 

Are you ready to sink your teeth in?

I’m absolutely thrilled that you’re ready to take the next step on your journey.

Reach out with the attached form, or send me an email.

We’ll schedule a free consultation to fit your schedule. Brew a cup of tea and make space for an hour, with a little wiggle room in case we get carried away in ecstatic conversation.




    Hi, I’m Savannah!

    Welcome to Beast Goddess Boudoir, based out of Bellingham, WA. 

    I’m on a mission to normalize nudity, support clients in healing the relationship with their bodies, and as a result – building supportive self practices that ripple through the rest of their lives.

    Here you’ll find a space of inspiration, photography, and life coaching services.


    @primalrevolutions / @thebeastxgoddess

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