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Where do you live?

Wherever my suitcase takes me, or wherever the ground is that lies between my two feet. I'm searching for home. It's an interesting lifestyle, and one that I recognize not everyone is able to do.

Where can I find more uncensored photos of you?

Where are the pussy shots & XXX photos/videos?

How can I meet you?

I want a photo shoot with you. How much does it cost?

I have a flat rate fee of €500 for personal & portfolio photo shoots. Travel expenses are added on top of that, unless you come to my studio, or I have a minimum of 5 bookings in your area - in Europe (yes, feel free to tell your friends & get them involved!).

Commercial shoots have a different price system. Please send me an email if you're interested, & we will discuss your project & vision.

Will you dominate me for $2,000?

No. Under no circumstances will I combine sex & money. While this question is quite a compliment (in some ways; perhaps not so in others), sex combined with money would lead me down a dark path I would do best to avoid.

While there are many respectable sex workers in the world who are able & willing to provide such a service, an important part of sex for me is attraction & chemistry. No amount of money is going to make me feel attracted to someone if the kindling isn't already there. And if it is, then why does money need to be involved?