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Love is the Root

4 Week Coaching Program

Love is the root from which all life grows. For what is living if we are not loving?

What if the only medicine you need has been inside of you all this time?

Cheesy as it may sound, it’s often the case. Modern society is constantly telling us that we are broken and in need of fixing. Accepting and loving yourself isn’t great for sales.

Even when we step away from mainstream media and consumerism to focus on our growth, we are met with mountains of self help books. They are all (I assume) written with the best of intentions, but again – the influx of self help makes us feel that there is something about ourselves that needs to be fixed.

It can be overwhelming. Will we ever heal all of our wounds, communicate perfectly, and reach an enlightened sense of self worth?

No, because perfection doesn’t exist.

The key is to find a balance between Accepting where you’re at today, parallel to tapping into the potential for a different way of being. It’s a tricky line to walk, and that’s why I’m here.

After an intensive period of self growth supported by my first peyote ceremony (I know, I know – if you feel kinda “meh” about ceremonies, I totally get you), I’m kickstarting a new 4 Week program infused with love as the medicine.

Love: the only medicine you need.

Are you ready to accelerate your self development journey, infused with the power of conscious intention?

Let’s dive in. 

Week 1

In our first week, we cultivate awareness around your habits – whether the habits are around eating, drinking, movement, social tendencies, mental chatter, etc. The first step behind changing something is seeing it with our own eyes.

If we have been caught in the same cycles, patterns, and social conditioning for most of our lives, many of us are operating out of automation. In our first week, we bring awareness to those patterns of behavior with journal prompts, powerful questions, daily accountability, and coaching support.

Week 2 Acceptance

Throughout the entire process, our aim is to maintain a neutral mindset toward our behaviors. When we become aware of how we’re sabotaging our potential, it’s easy to fall into self-judgment and shame, but when we operate from those challenging emotional spaces, it’s more difficult to create change from a positive place that lasts long term. This is where we become a witness to ourselves, being in a place of observation.

In week 2, we work on feeling Acceptance toward ourselves. Here, we practice Duality: we can accept ourselves where we are at, and at the same time, we can want something different for our future.

Week 3

In week 3, we take the first steps toward transformation. Using the power of the neutral witness we have built inside ourselves, we look at each of our behaviors and ask: is this something that is moving me forward, keeping me in the same place, or moving me backwards? 

Being as objective as we can, we then ask if it’s something that we want to change right now. If yes? We begin the steps to shift the habit. If no? We work on moving forward with conscious choice, and no self-shaming.

Week 4

In our final week within this container, we create a future-focused training plan. Whether you continue to work with me or feel ready to spread your wings and fly on your own, we co-create a structure that uses the last weeks of momentum to keep you in a space of accelerated growth.

What's Included?

△ 1x 90 minute kick-start Zoom call 
–  $400 value 

△ 3x 60 minute Zoom calls 
–  $750 value

△ 4 weeks of accountability & texting support 
– $1,000 value

= $2,150

Your investment in yourself, only $597.

Are you ready to sink into yourself?

Hi, I’m Savannah!

Welcome to Beast Goddess Boudoir, based out of Bellingham, WA. 

I’m on a mission to normalize nudity, support clients in healing the relationship with their bodies, and as a result – building supportive self practices that ripple through the rest of their lives.

Here you’ll find a space of inspiration, photography, and life coaching services.


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