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Primal Embodiment for Men

I work with men to support them (maybe you?) in reclaiming their masculinity through primal embodiment.

In a society that has administered an antibiotic to all masculinity in the name of “equality,” it’s more important than ever for men to be supported in embodying an empowering display of healthy masculinity. 

I create a safe space to explore primal masculinity through power dynamicsmental health, and sexuality

This is a container for you to be witnessed and held by an “other” – in other words, a space charged with feminine perspective, free from judgment and within clearly communicated boundaries. 

↠ I have worked with CEOs & founders of companies to get clear on their mission & values.

𓋪 I have worked with couples within the BDSM community to define & maintain boundaries around the power dynamics of their relationship.

▵ I have supported high performers in transforming their personal lives, after decades of hitting obstacles in therapy.

↠ I have worked with fathers to build better relationships with their daughters.

𓋪 I have supporting artists in loving the different way their mind works, and channeling mental health challenges into creativity.

▵ And so much more… Does any of this resonate?

You deserve to be seen.

When I show up without a script, to sit 1-on-1 in conversation, we begin to peel back the layers of conditioning that have created the current version of reality you’re showing up in – unpacking the elements that are a conscious choice, and questioning what elements are ways of being that you’ve accidentally fallen into. From there, we co-create a life of intention, infused with an intense desire to show up in your life, relationships, and the world at 100% – free of filters.

Simply sitting together in conversation plants the seeds of growth, integrating radical life transformation. As soon as you book our first session together – whether you’re ready to dive fully into a 3 month commitment, or you want to dip your toes in to a single session – things in your life will begin to shift. Such is the power of action that comes from a place of conscious intention.

My words are medicine – providing a different perspective, alternative ways of looking at the world, and a non-judgmental space for all of you to be held.

I have worked with men to reclaim their masculinity in a world that, in striving for equality, has suppressed a powerful expression of healthy (and much needed) masculinity.

A world of masculinity where the pendulum swings between insisting you have to always be strong, and telling you that you can no longer take up space, with the privilege of being a man.

Is This You?

I have worked with high performers who have been diagnosed as being sick, to fully embrace their eclectic creative expression and take ownership of their artistic talent.

I have supported men in navigating power dynamics of submission and dominance within the worlds of BDSM, creating a safe space to discuss unconventional sexuality.

I have worked with CEOs who struggle with their sexuality, supporting them to understand polyamory and accept themselves for not fitting into conventional monogamous relationships – and build a foundation to communicate that need in conscious partnerships.

I have worked with men who are happily partnered, to explore and celebrate their naked primal body beyond sexual contexts.
To celebrate their bodies and see themselves through a different lens. 

I have worked with men to step into a more empowered stance of conscious, and sometimes unconventional, sexual expression.

To dive deep into power dynamics of dominance and submission, creating a protected space where consent is communicated with conviction.

To eradicate niceness from their behaviour, healing wounds from toxic feminism and people pleasing. 

I have supported men in relationship growth, fine tuning an awareness to slow down and witness her needs, saving relationships and marriages that were balanced precariously on the edge of an ending. 

I have worked with men to build the courage and self worth to step away from partnerships that are no longer in alignment with themselves, their goals, their dreams. 

I have worked with men to step into being the fathers they needed.
To show up as more communicative fathers for their children.

I have worked with men who are pioneers of their industry, who “have it all” but have been miserable –
to create a quiet satisfaction internally that depends on no one but themselves. 

I have worked with veterans to manage PTS,
and create a sense of belonging within themselves as they integrate into the civilian world. 

I work with men to reclaim their masculinity in a world that has administered an antibiotic to masculinity. 

We need you. 

If any of this resonates, send me a message below, & we'll schedule a consultation.

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    Welcome to Beast Goddess Boudoir, based out of Bellingham, WA. 

    I’m on a mission to normalize nudity, support clients in healing the relationship with their bodies, and as a result – building supportive self practices that ripple through the rest of their lives.

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