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#MorningCoffee Welcome (Archived Newsletter)

It’s been a while since I launched my newsletter – the beginning of a shift from the uncontrollable algorithms and censorship of social media, to a space where I have full control over what goes out and how I’m able to communicate with my audience: you!

With time comes transformation. My welcome email has felt out of alignment for months, but I haven’t taken the time to sit still to write a new one. Partly due to time and energy management – especially in the intensity of a PNW summer.

It’s easy to lay blame on external happenings, but they’ve been accompanied by internal resistance.

To write a new welcome email means to introduce myself. In order to introduce myself requires me to be clear on who I am and what I stand for.

#MorningCoffee was introduced as a healing practice, a movement, a daily ritual. The vehicle to carry philosophical thoughts, ideas and conversations. It’s been a personal practice rooted in stillness.

That daily morning ritual has always been the means to which I take a good look at myself and answer deep questions.

Who have I grown into, what does this space contain, and what is my intention behind these love letters?

My letters have lacked consistency, and I have a feeling that the inconsistency has been attached to trying to fit myself into old skin. Skin that has been shed multiple times.

Welcome to #MorningCoffee, and – welcome to new beginnings.

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