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The Experience: What People Are Saying

Stepping into a photo shoot, the mind is focused on the end goal of having a set of beautiful photos to look at later – and art to print for hanging on your wall. But what comes as a surprise, is how potent the experience of thee photo shoot is. While the photos are a beautiful outcome, the magic is what happens as you explore your body in a playful way – walking away filled with more confidence and feeling a new sense of empowerment to take on every area of your life as the goddess you are.

Over the past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know and working with Savannah on a few different style photo shoots, the first was out in the fresh Swedish winter air playing naked in nature and the second time was in the comfort of a home while doing shibari with beautiful flowers between the knots. Modeling is a new experience for me and one which made me nervous at first - but with Savannah's calm and confidence presence, I felt totally safe, happy and sexy. Savannah has a way of capturing the true beauty in everything while making you feel at total ease in your own skin. My experience both times has helped me grow my own confidence and made me feel super empowered within my on body and the final work Savannah has put together is outstanding. I highly recommend this experience and can’t wait to collaborate with her in the near future. Thank you for seeing my inner beauty and showing me through your eyes to the world of what you have captured through the camera lens.

Hannah B.

This was my first naked photo shoot and Savannah made it an amazingly safe and comfortable environment where the focus was on self-love and celebrating my body. She made me feel calm and safe which was the core of the shoot as well as to make me feel beautiful and comfortable in my body, rather than creating the perfect pictures. The fact that the pictures turned out to be amazing after all is a great bonus. It was wonderfully fascinating to look at the photos and to see my body in poses and perspectives I have never done before! Savannah encouraged me and this feeling of joy and self-love. She was very creative with angles and mirrors and ideas for the photos, and welcomed my ideas with enthusiasm. The overall experience was just amazing and I felt incredible on my way home!

Mia P.

Working with Savannah was a blast. It was my first time trying something like this and I was a bit nervous at first because I’ve had trouble with my self-confidence from time to time but she made it really easy for me by having a lot of creative ideas to work with. By starting with a playful idea, the tension dropped right away, and I was a lot more comfortable. We had a lot of fun during the shoot and there were a lot of laughs due to the peculiar positions and props used. I had a few thoughts of what people would think if they knew that I had done a shoot like this, we had a discussion about it and what we concluded in was that if you are proud of the work and like the photos there is no one that can take it away from you. Seeing the pictures really impressed me, not only how Savannah managed to capture the different abstract angles, but I also surprised myself, viewing my body from another perspective was really an eye-opener and I left the shoot with a new view of my body. All I wanted to do afterwards was to show people the beautiful pictures.

Linda L.

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