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want to get naked for me? liferide podcast interview

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from the archives // 04 April 2022

Want to get naked for me?

Last Saturday I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Alice Roos & Johanna Rizzo for the LifeRide Podcast.

It’s the first time I’ll be on a podcast – something that would have terrified me as being “too big” several weeks ago. As my fine art work has unfolded, the fear naturally faded away and a podcast simply felt like the next step that made sense.

Our conversation focused on nudity, unraveling topics covering a wide spectrum including abusive relationships, bdsm, Shibari in relation to the nervous system, double standards of censorship, fine art nude photography, coaching work, and so much more.

One of my favourite questions the power duo asked me was,

“What is the difference between sensuality & sexuality?”

Mmm – a delicious question, and one that I’ve done a lot of reflecting about. Because at the core of my work is a focus on sensual, non-sexual art.

Sensuality, to me, is a foundation that you build within yourself. I imagine it as a fountain of nectar that wells from your pelvic floor, building and pulsing along your spine and through your heart, gushing through the crown of your head.

That sensual nectar spills over you in a soft, grounded, radiant energy.

Sensuality, to me, is the foundation of a relationship with yourself. The way you brush your fingertips along your thighs, run your fingers through your hair, and look yourself in the eyes.

Sensuality is a grounded sense of self, rooted in fluidity.

As our conversation unfolded, we concluded that sensuality is like water running along the curves of the earth, and sexuality is the fire ignited in the air, flames licking your skin.

Both can be experienced alone, and both can be experienced in partnership.

I believe that if we are to enter into a wholesome, healthy relationship, we can only do so once we have built a foundation of sensuality within ourselves. We massage our skin with the nectar that gushes from our core, softening into acceptance and self-love, before we strike a match and set fire to ourselves.

And with the nectar as our fuel source, the flames dance and weave with a rhythm that matches the curves of the water that softens the earth.

How do you identify the difference between your internal experience of sensual versus sexual energy?

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